Best Oil Paint Photo Editing Apps For Android,iOS

Best Oil Paint Photo Editing Apps For Android,iOS

best oil paint effect editing apps

You can turn your photo into an excellent effect photo with the oil paint effect. Which application helps it? Which is the most used. This blog is about how to convert a photo of yourself to oil paint like this.

Still trending. Oil paint effect. A lot of people are posting their oil paint photos on social media. You may also want to do the same. But do not know-how, and this is the solution.

While many celebrities still upload photos on social media, their photo will have an oil paint effect. We can do the same, and this blog will help you.

Why use oil paint effect.

It's an effective tool that can make our photo look painted. Many people will want to do the same now that this is a trend. Many people ask if it takes a lot of time, and the answer is just seconds.

Another reason. It's always lovely to see our photos with good looks, and it can fill social media. There are many similar effect editing tools, and only the best apps for many things will succeed.

Make any of our photos look like paintings in a matter of moments. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Quality also has to be said. Having a higher quality than the original is a matter of excellence, and how to do it can be successful.

Many Peoples Using Best Oil paint Effect Editing Apps List

These are some of the best apps I've used and used by many. The full details are given below. It also includes an app that can be used on all devices, which is another essential thing.

All this can Do on pc with powerful software such as Adobe Photoshop. But there is no need for such software, and it can be edited in sound quality using the free software mentioned below.

When it comes to quality, I thought I should say this too. You can do good Editing in HD quality, and it is also very user friendly. I have shown only 4 of the best softwares like that.

The advantages as well as disadvantages I felt in the software below. I have included it so that you can have more knowledge about that software.

1.Sketchbook(Android,iOS, Windows)

Sketchbook is the best app in the Play Store, with around 50M + Downloads and a 4.2 Rating. This application is the king of digital drawing.

What makes it different from other apps is that you can use it on any device and any operating system like Android smartphone, iOS, or Windows. There is a lot to be said for this app, and Sketchbook is one of the best user-friendly applications for any type of drawing.


It can be used on all devices (Android, iOS, Windows)

Sk The Sketchbook is the king of digital drawing.

it is a user interface that anyone can easily understand. 

It is excellent colouring.

Good Export Quality.

With this app, you can draw any kind of picture.

Many effect filter tools are available for free.


The speed bump seemed to slow down.

Any type of drawing pen is supported. Some, however, seemed too slow.

2.Brushstroke(iOS Only )

An application that can only be used on iOS. Priemium app for Priemium users. A premium app with a 4.8 / 5 rating in the Appstore.

The quality of this app is the same as that of Apple, and how quality is indescribable. You can try and use it, and you can edit and use FHD images, not HD, in good quality. Also, a one-and-a-half application.


iOS 15 is a well-optimized app for the latest version.

Visual quality was low. But now super quality.

Your photo will be turned into a painting in a matter of minutes.

Editing is also possible on a variety of canvases.

The adjustment of our painting can be rotated to the right anyway.


It can only be used on iOS devices.

It is a Paid App, meaning it can only be downloaded for a fee ($ 4.99)

If you want to convert video to art, you must have at least an iphone 5s.

3.Pics Art(Android,iOS)

Pics art is my favourite app that I use for many editing purposes. It is a perfect app, and it is an application that can be used for photo editing purposes.

Android users and iOS users can use this app. 500M + downloads in Play Store. Rating of 4.2. my favourite app. I use this app for many poster making. The oil paint effect can also be done well.


It can be used on Android and iOS.

It is the best app for all types of editing work.

There are 500M + Users. 

Excellent user was friendly.

Excellent quality is also a plus that can be installed on any bone version. t has usable photos, so we don't have to make any more.


Sometimes there is a hang problem. 

If we want to get more options, we have to ask for a monthly subscription.

There should be only one premium option, and the file size is too large.

4.Prisma Photo Editor(Android, iOS)

Like this is an app made only for art effect. Prisma is an excellent app with various practical tools like oil paint effects and digital art, and it is an app that I do not use much. 

However, it is an excellent app with quality and easy, user-friendly modes. It has about 50 + M downloads, and it's an app you should try.


Other amazing tools.

User-friendly settings that make good use of it.

Few free-to-use images.

Effect of moments. That too in quality.


If you want to download a higher resolution photo, you have to pay a subscription.

The app rate is slow.

app only for digital art editing and, I.e. not good to use for other purposes.

My Recommendation.

Of the four I use the most, it is PicsArt. But I do not recommend it for oil paint effect edit because I have never experienced so much quality in that regard.

That is why I tell you. I like best the sketchbook app, which can be used on all operating systems. It's good quality, but it's also the best Sketchbook I've ever had.

  Just my opinion. I have edited many oil paint effect photos and uploaded them on social media.

Many have gone viral as well. Most of it I used was the Sketchbook itself. I use an Android mobile phone most of the time, and I do the Editing from it. I can edit in excellent quality.

How to Convert Photo To Oil Paint Effect Photo.

It's an effortless thing to do. I can describe and write, though.

Anyone can understand Sketchbook itself, and I will say three steps here. Until then, it is easy to pay in minutes.


how to convert you are photo to oil point photi

The first thing to do is open the app. Then select any photo from the gallery in the form of an oil paint effect.

Then remove the background of that photo with a Hard Eraser. Then use a colour brush on the background to create a gradient with your favourite colours. As soon you have done so, use the smudge flat brush 3 to paint each part of your photos, such as your face, neck, or hands.


convert photo to oil point step 2

Second, use a hairbrush to smooth the hair in your photo. Then use a soft airbrush to brighten the eyes. Then increase the brightness.


convert oil paint photo step 3

That's all. Oil paint photo-ready if you make it a little brighter with the oil effect tool. As I said, it's an effortless event, and of course, anyone can.


Why do you recommend Sketchbook?

I have described above. At least in one word. Good quality.

Why is the oil paint effect still trending?

Celebrities like Naray edit the photo and post them on social media. 

 Is it true that some say it takes a long time to do?

No, I do it quickly. It's easy.


It was about how to easily convert your photo to an oil paint effect. This blog. Of course, I believe I told you everything, and I hope you understand everything like that easily. Comment on your valuable comments.

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