15 Best Apps That Make You Look Skinny | Boys And Girls

15 Best Apps That Make You Look Skinny | Boys And Girls


best apps that make you look skinny
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How To Make My Photo Look Skinny?

Good question. The answer is this blog post. Are you fat ?, Do you want your photo to be thinner? Best 15 Application is going to help you with all your desires. In it, you can edit your image in minutes with your favourite app.

It can be at speed. Because it's straightforward, open any app you like in it. Then you have to edit any of your photos, take them out of the gallery and use the tools in the app to make your picture as skinny as you like, Six-pack, and everything you can edit. Read below to know more.

Best Apps For Girls Look Skinny

When these 15 apps are successful, 8 of them are best to use by girls. But boys can use them, but girls can edit them better.

It works on Android and iOS operating systems. Each app is given below in more detail.

1. Slim Camera (Only Android)

slim camera app
Slim Camera

the only Android version of the app that girls can only use. It is now available on the Play Store, and it has the necessary ratings.

When I try it out, it's essentially well-edited and has a skinny look. It has a rating of 3.2 on the play store. But there are some problems. One of them is logging in, which is a big problem as far as this app is concerned.

Advantage OF Skinny Camera.

  • The file size is only about 2.0MB.
  • The app is made only for girls.
  • Body shape can be edited very well.

2. Slim & Skinny (Only iOS)

Slim and skinny app

 a must-download app for iOS users. This app helps to make 70% accuracy editing perfect, and it is very cool. 

Slim & Skinny is the best app in the Apple store, with a rating of 4.6. People in the country also use this app, and everyone says it is a good app.

Advantages OF Slim & Skinny

  • With tools like Auto Detect, the body and head can be detected instantly.
  • It helps to remove two chins and make the photo perfect. 
  •  We can adjust and change the Skinny mod at will. op
  • This app's photo editing can be shared on all social media.

3. Retouch Me (iOS and Android)

Retouch Me app
Retouch me

Available on Android and iOS. And this app can be used not only for girls but also for boys, but it seems to be the best for girls. A significant difference compared to the above apps. 

The best quality Retouch my app, and it's worth downloading. The app has about 1M + downloads and a 2.9 rating in the Play Store, and the app has a 4.4 rating in the Apple store.

Advantages OF Retouch Me 

  • Both girls and boys can use it.
  • Latest arm, leg slimming.
  • Muscle Gaining edits.
  • Tattoos Editing and removal.
  • Flat Stomach tools. And More
  • Beautiful face editing makes a skinny face with moments.

4. Boady Editor( Android)

Body Editor App
Body Editor

The best app with 10M + downloads with a 4.3 rating in the play store. Suppose you ask whether body editor is best for girls or boys, and both answer. I took two photos with this app; one was a girl, and the other was a boy. Both the images were of excellent quality. 

The body editor was perfect. But the app has gotten more options by paying for a subscription. Therefore, this app is not recommended. But Body Editor is a good app.

Advantage OF Boady Editor

  • Body shape is done in a circular motion.
  • The face can be made more beautiful with a single tap in minutes.
  • Special bears and sunglasses for boys.
  • Unique jewellery for girls.
  •  Tool showing height.

5. Perfect Me ( Android)

Perfect me app
Perfect Me

The girl's favourite app in the 4.3 Rating play store is Perfect Me. Perfect as the name implies, and it has the best quality and has 10M + downloads. This app also has tools like Video Beauty Editor compared to other apps. 

Due to the multiple face editing mode, this app is top-rated. And it also has vip subscription, and that's the only thing I do not like about this app.

The advantage OF Perfect Me

  • elongate you are legs, Tall or long.
  • There are also tools like makeup and skin tool.
  •  Skin decorations.
  •  Tools like magical one tap edit are also available in this app.

6. Photolift-Face and Body Editor ( Android)

Photolift app

Photo left. Play store has 1M + downloads, a free app for boys and girls, all work, skinny editing. It also has a good rating—3.4+ Rating on playstore.

Many people say it has problems with user reviews, but in my experience, it is a flawless app. It is possible to edit. But somebody's shapes are not set there. We can edit our style with this app.

Advantages OF Photolift-Face and Body Editor

I have not experienced any significant advantage. As mentioned above, there are some advantages, and there is a disadvantages.

7. Make Me Thin(only iOS)

Make me thin app
Make me thin

Make me Thin. Ios is a slim photo editor made just for girls. This app is only available in the app store with a 4.4 rating, and it also has laks of downloads.

Another feature of this is that it has a lot of modus editing. Much editing was done quickly with thin face mod and thin head mod editing. We can get the perfect body physique if we edit it.

Advantages OF Make Me Thin

  • Make Me Thin is one of the best apps to help you slim your body.
  • One of my favourite futures is the operation to compare before view and after view.
  • Automatically identify your body identity.

8.BodyTune (Android, iOS)

Body tune app
Body Tune

Body tune is the best body skinny app with a 4.0 rating in the play store, 1m downloads and a 4.7 rating in-app store. It is the best app for iOS users and Android users alike.

App for girls. It has a perfect waist and has a variety of colours and tattoos. If you look at the review of this app, everyone will write a good review. It is an app that can be used with both.

Advantage OF BodyTune

  • My Favorite App

Best Apps For Boys

I will write about skinny editing applications that are perfect for boys.7 Apps are thriving here. 

There is no doubt that these are the best quality apps. Boys need a six-pack, colour face, tattoo, shape hand, and good arm editable apps.

 9. Body Plastic Surgery(Android)

Body plastic surgery app

Body Plastic Surgery

Boys' favourite app. Easy to reshape app. 1.1M + Downloads.4.3 rating, 28MB download size in play store.

Body Plastic Surgery is also one of my personal favourite apps because the natural look of the edited photo is not lost.

Advantages OF Body Plastic Surgery.

  • It helps to change the Background easily.
  •  It has an excellent user interface.
  • Suitable templates for boys.

10. Hotune Body Editor App

Hotune Body Editor app

Although girls mainly use it, Hotune is a Suite app for boys, and it is an excellent app with a lot of unique options.

It is a light and heavy app. It is possible to edit our bull body through this app. The play store has 5M + downloads and a 4.0 rating.

Advantage OF Hotune Body Editor App

  • Good quality and decoration.
  • Normal to freeze background tools.
  • Perfect shapes.

11.AirBrush (Android, iOS)

Airbrush app

This app works on Android and ios. The app store has a rating of 4.9 with 159 k + people.

You can see the fantastic Rating in the play store. Although I have not used this app, it was a good comment when I asked the users.

Advantage OF AirBrush

 to say about the airbrush in particular. I do not write anything because it does not seem to be a significant advantage over the above, but it is an app with good tools and a selfish mod editor.

12. Fitpix( Android Only)


both Gris and boys can use the app. Excellent quality, excellent brightness. Perfectly edit every body part accurately. I felt great.

But there are problems with this app too. It's like subscription pay, and I'm not too fond of it. I like apps that can be used for free.

The advantage OF the Fitpix

  •  tool is to remove an object, replace it, and merge it.
  • Lots more stickers and filters for free.
  •  Collage collection photos making.

13. Fotogenic Face & Body Editor(Android)

Fotogenic app

Photogenic is a great app made for boys. A lot of differences. It's not just the quality of your photo. And your face in the picture will also be calm.

There are 5M + Downloads in the play store. Moreover, the 4.7+ Rating tells us the quality of the app. It can be used not only for skinny editing but also for many other photo editings.

Advantages OF Fotogenic Face & Body Editor

  • New Styles Text Design.
  • Funny Brushes.
  • You can Change Background, weather, bokeh, and seagull.

14. Spring Stylish Body Editor( Android, iOS)

Spring editing app

a perfect app except for the monthly subscription payment. $ 3.99 monthly subscription charge. So I liked this app because it did not have anything in it.

Advantage OF Spring

mentioned the subscription in-app,  no particular benefit for this other than what said for the other apps above. So I will not write anything.

15. Men's Body style six-pack tattoo

Men body editing app
Men Body Editor

Six-pack and tattoo is an app made just for boys. An excellent app. The app can give the required quality output, and it is an app with a tiny MB size only.

Advantage OF Men's Body style.

  • Chest body perfect fitting.
  • New trend tattoos.

My Suggestion

Suggestion for boys

 My favourite when I tried it out was AirBrush, which I thought you should suggest to the boys.

Suggestion for girls

Also, for girls, I would recommend BodyTune.


Why is an airbrush perfect for boys?

I felt that way when I used to. 

 Can I get perfection by editing with skinny app?

I definitely will get it. 

 Which skinny editing app is best for boys and girls a like? 

The above 15 apps are mentioned, and half of them can be used as you wish.


The blog post is written to let you know about your skinny editing apps and what is the best app for them. I have written everything in this blog post about how to edit with this app and my comments. Thanks for reading.

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