How To Make Bass Shake Effect Video in 2022

How To Make Bass Shake Effect Video in 2022

Bass shake effect video

This blog post will tell you how to make a bass shake effect video with our mobile. Anyone can make bass shake videos in seconds, and now the bass shake effect is a trending topic on many social media. You can create videos like this in seconds using your mobile.

What is Bass Shake Effect 

The bass shake effect is an effect. An editing effect. We put a post about the oil paint effect on our blog itself. The bass effect is similar, and it's just effortless.  

Now there are a lot of effects like this, and many people now make videos using this. The Bass Shake effect mainly consists of good-sounding audio and animations such as audio wave shows.

 Which app To Use To Make Bass Effect Video?

There are many apps available on mobile to make bass shake effect videos. I have tried many apps, and you can enjoy the app that got good results.

Best App For Bass Shake Effect Video 

Alight Motion

It is a professional motion designing app. There is an app that can do better animations on Android and ios. When I tried this app, I got some even better videos. It has about 50+ M downloads in the playstore, and this app is not compromised in terms of quality.

 With its excellent user-friendly app, it can be easily used by anyone. With this app, you can do bass shake effects and animation, and Victor graphics.

Alight Motion: Android and IOS

How To Make Bass Shake Effect Video

 There are mainly two steps you need to do, and we can make a video in seconds using two steps.

Step#1: Add Photo And Music 

The first step is to add a photo and music. First, open the Alight Motion app and add a new image and any photo in your gallery.

 Let it be your favorite background photo. Then add the important shake audio. Add any audio you like. Then all you have to do is tweak each ratio.

Step#2: Editing and Play

The next step is the last. Then split and transform every 3min step. You can see the option in it. Then check that your image has a good beats effect. That's it; your video is ready. One of the best ways is to check if your video is correct. Save the last exported video. This is the bass shake effect video ready.

Things to keep in mind while Making a Bass Shake video

 1. It has a lot of optional tools, so be careful not to click on unwanted tools.

 2. Of course, the app should be closed only after exporting or saving.

 3. Try to be very clear every second when doing transform animation.


Is the bass shake effect still trending?

 Yes. After taking YouTube, videos like this are uploaded every day. I must say that many people liked this effect.

 Why is the bass shake effect trending?

 Because many people have to watch that video, that is why many people make this kind of effect video.

Why is the Alight Motion app recommended?

 Symbol, I used a lot of apps, and I liked it and got a good bass video.Alight Motion is suitable for Apple.


This blog post aims to teach you how to make a bass shake effect in a video. I hope you understand the whole thing about bass video, and I wrote this blog post very simply. You can also make a professional bass shake effect to the video.

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